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We work tirelessly on behalf of entrepreneurs and share the benefits of our experience to develop new enterprises. Our Relationship Capital creates an informal, far-reaching network to assist entrepreneurs as they learn from one another and build the great businesses of tomorrow.

We’re constantly on the lookout for ideas with the promise to invent new business categories or radically alter existing ones. Our passion is for new technologies and new applications of technology that will drive high-impact change.


N5R is an award-winning, full-service sales and marketing company dedicated to serving the needs of condominium developers, and marketing companies. Now with over 150 clients, in 10 countries, and 30 cities — N5R is responsible for over $4.3 Billion dollars in sales. We use proven sales and marketing methodologies to help you find buyers and maximize profits.

Tanzania Minerals Corp. — Tanzania Co | East Africa Mining & Resource Company Tanzania Mining Corporation is a junior exploration company with a  proven management and an impressive portfolio of gold properties in one of the world’s great untapped gold regions.


Stellar Travel was established in October 2003, this agency is the sole and exclusive GSA of Turkish Airlines in Canada and holds both retail and wholesale licensees with the travel industry of Ontario (TICO).

C3 online marketing and communications platform allows you to manage customer behavior and train your staff to support customer programs. Award customers with points, issue your own currency through the C3 system. Understand who your customers are, what they want and how to manage your relationships and campaigns profitably. You™ve earned their loyalty, now use our tools to retain and grow these relationships. Turnkey loyalty platforms and points management/redemption platforms: Back End Functionality platforms

Campaign and content management
Marketing and promotions toolkit
Automated points accumulator and management
Awards processing, redemption, and tracking
Administrative interfaces
End user management
Shopping cart and third party fulfillment
Accept and integrate multiple data feeds
Merchant billing
Contact management
Campaign tracking and program reporting

Lexxus Marketing

Lexxus Marketing

A seasoned team of professionals with experience and exposure to media creativity and integration. Passionate about accomplishing measurable success for our clients. Lexxus motto is simple and straight forward: “BIG Results Fast“.

VMIX Media VMIX Media is a digital media company providing broadcasters, media, and marketers with a technology platform that includes customizable tools and solutions to engage audiences through participation, user-generated content, and community interaction.

Specific Media Specific Media is a technology and online media company that enables advertisers to pinpoint their target audiences through advanced demographic, behavioral, contextual, geographic and retargeting technologies across a network of branded, top tier sites.

Invest Offshore specializes in offshore company incorporation, offshore asset protection and offshore investments. A strong team, with offices worldwide, assist clients in establishing operations around the world.